Benefits of Float Therapy To Your Physical And Mental Well-being

10 May

As human beings, stress is a part of our lives that is completely unavoidable. However, there are many ways to deal with them. Stress cannot always be dealt with effectively through passive means. In winding down to relax, float therapy is an easy way to get some much need rest for your mind and body. How floatation therapy works is through the use of floatation tanks filled with dense salt water mix which allows you to freely float on it. Floatation tanks are usually twenty-five centimeters deep. The water is usually added with highly concentrated Epsom salt that makes it seemingly natural for the body to float through the surface effortlessly.

These flotation tanks are usually inside a room that has their own bathing facilities. People need to take a bath prior to entering and then again after using the flotation tank. This is in order to clean the body of any debris and to remove salt sediments in the salt mixture respectively. During the flotation therapy process, individuals are not wearing any clothing which makes it a wonderful, liberating and private experience. Although you can be allowed to wear a bathing or swimsuit if you do want to. Know the cryofacial benefits here!

The hatch of the tank give you the option to float in darkness through simply closing the hatch. There are some spa services that allows you the options such as soft music on the background, self-hypnosis audio playing or floating while in silence. For many, having these kinds of liberties at makes it more enjoyable and relaxing. While floating, the body will gain instant relaxation because external stimuli from our sense of hearing and sight are reduced significantly. The water will also be at the body temperature. This is often an amazing experience since because of the lack of other stimulation, the body cannot distinguish itself from the surrounding water.

There are research that have found, many therapies, including flotation therapies have beneficial effects on the human body. Our heart rate and breathing often slows down. With this, along with reduction in gravity because of floating, decreases our body’s electrical activity. There is less muscle tension and the neural activity in our peripheral area also relaxes, akin to sleeping. Blood flow through the muscles and the periphery are improved. These combination of benefits allows faster healing for people. Stress, pain, depression, fatigue and sleeping problems are also reduced significantly. Be sure to check out this website at for more info about cryotherapy.

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